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Why Pay More For Healthcare?

Join PCD and SAVE your cash! 


Plus, you'll enjoy these great benefits of membership:

• Patients are guaranteed at least 25% off of every visit!

 No filing or claims!

 No co-pays!

 No limited services or visits!

 No rationing of services!

 No waiting periods!

...Just a simple, reduced cash fee to help patients receive quality care at a reduced rate!

(Folletos y solicitudes en español están disponibles en línea o en la clínica.)


The Big Question: "Why can't my chiropractor 
just give me the discount without joining PCD?"

There are two reasons why chiropractors offer the PCD patient membership program in their offices:

The first reason is because in some states it is illegal for a doctor to set up an internal "dual fee system" where they charge a lower fee than their insured rate. However, if your chiropractor is a participant in the nationwide network of Preferred Chiropractic Doctors, they can legally offer a PCD patient membership with the guaranteed minimum of 25% reduced rate on every visit!

The second reason a chiropractor chooses to offer the PCD program is because PCD is the total office solution that saves time and money and increases the probability of continued care.  Your PCD membership saves chiropractors the hassle of filing insurance claims, billing, paying office staff, paying for office supplies, postage and all the expenses of the daily insured operation. With PCD, these expenses are non-existent, so why should you pay more? That's right, your PCD provider agrees too... you shouldn't! PCD is the simple, reduced cash fee system that makes quality healthcare more affordable for you... and your chiropractor!


For more information about PCD, click on the button to the left.  PCD is recommended by several leading doctors in the chiropractic profession:

 Dr. Eric Plasker, The Family Practice
Dr. Steve Hoffman, Mastering Chiropractic 
Dr. Ty Talcott, Power Strategies
 Dr. David Singer, Singer Seminars
Dr. Richard Barwell, Chiropractic Equity Offices 


PCD will be CLOSED:

PCD will be closed on Wed-Fri, Nov 25-27, in observance of Thanksgiving.
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